PLA Rainbow pastel 3kg

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3000 g filament on a plastic reel

Rainbow-colored filaments are our best filaments, they are suitable for small and large parts, toys, flowers, design objects and more. Each 3D print is unique because a different color gradient will result in different object appearance. If you need identical objects, it requires to print them simultaneously on the print bed. This also lets more gradients appear, because more filament is used in each layer. You'll be surprised how colorful the single extruder can suddenly print.

a rainbow corresponds to about 45g filament => circa 16 Complete Rainbow per coil

Print examples are not part of the offer




processing temperature: 200-230°C
Heated Bed: 40-50°C
Toleranz: +-0,05mm
shape retention: to 60°C
coil size / Core diameter: 200mm x55mm /52mm
coil inside diameter: 52mm
net weight: 750g +-5%
package weight: 1100g
package size: 210x210x70mm
Print examples are not part of the offer: .
Color variations are possible: .
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